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Energy Management

Sports Performance InSights aims to support your exercise, health, and performance goals with nutritional support and guidance to allow you to feel and perform at your best.

Areas of Expertise

Student Athletes

We have helped many high school and college athletes manage energy levels in a highly scheduled (and sometimes over-scheduled) environment, getting what they need to be successful in and out of school.

Low Energy Availability

Many athletes are dealing with the effects of Low Energy Availability. We have specialized in providing additional information and collaborations with primary care Physicians to correct LEA and improve health.

Body Composition

Body composition and weight management are constantly moving targets. We focus on helping you to maximize change in the areas you can, and focus on positive reinforcement to meet weight and body comp goals.

Event/Race Planning

We have worked with recreational exercisers all the way to World Champion competitors and focus on utilizing your individual needs to specify evidence-based fueling and hydration recommendations for peak performance and recovery.

Recurring Injuries

Recurring injuries can be part of a larger problem, and can include additional signs and symptoms. Nutritional support is critical for reducing injury risk and ensuring adequate energy intake to support your daily needs and activities.

Return to Sport

Concussions are an often occurring part of athletics and proper nutritional support is a critical piece of the Return to Sport process. We partner with your PCP, coach(es), and parents/guardians to help minimize your down time.


Nutrition Analysis

Full analysis of diet quality, energy intake guidelines, meal plan, and consultation. Great for a check-in or full overhaul of habits.

Training/Fueling Plan

Get ready for your goal event or optimize your daily exercise routine with an individualized fuel and hydration plan made for you.


Find out more about how your metabolism works, gain insight into your metabolic function as it relates to health and performance.


Not sure where to start? A Nutrition Consult is an easy way to get started with Q&A, goal setting, or other topics tailored to you.


See below for resources and some quick nutrition calculators. Remember, these are only rough estimations, but are more useful when paired with professional guidance. These are provided to assist clients with general guidance and understanding of a variety of nutritional concepts and are not intended to be utilized in diagnosis or treatment of any conditions. In the current Covid-19 environment, any calculations, even estimations, are useful for the high percentage of telehealth appointments, so please keep this in mind when attempting to interpret results from these calculators.

BMR/RMR Calculator

Body Composition Calculator

Calorie Calculator


Real Clients, Real Talk

Thanks for all your time and effort on my behalf. It is comforting to know the non-elite athlete has a place to go to for professional nutritional advice.

Ski Mountaineer

Recommendations are clear and simple - unlike some coaches who try to dump 15 things on you at once - those coaches clearly don't understand what focus means - you clearly do!!!

Age-group Triathlete

It has been a couple of weeks since we met, and I just wanted to say thanks again. The hour by hour recommended numbers have made a huge difference.

Ultra-distance age-group athlete